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Texas Chili? Oh My!

Texas Chili? Oh My! is a retelling of the The Three Little Pigs--Texas style! 

Meet Bluebonnet, Mockingbird, and Sweet Olive, three little armadillos, 

as they leave Mamadillo's home and build their own dens out of native

Texan materials. But watch out for Trickster Coyote, always looking for 

armadillos to make into Texas chili!

Texas Chili? Oh My! / Chili Texasb? Ay Dios! was awarded the 2015 

San Antonio Conservation Society Publication Award for the best 

recently published children's book on Texas history.

Children and adults alike will be entertained and educated on Texas symbols

in this beautiful book. Texas Chili? Oh My! also includes a glossary and 

learning objectives to aid elementary teachers in making Texas history 

a fun, engaging experience for students.